Based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

email: erika [at]     |     phone: 787 565 9046

Born in the late 80s, I was raised between the concrete jungle of the city and the green mountains of Puerto Rico. After suffering from the common island fever I took a one-way plane to California to get a BS in Visual Journalism from Brooks Institute. Since that I have worked the LA Times as an Asst. Photo Editor, and now as a freelance photographer. 

After six years in the Golden State, I relocated from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico, following my heart to focus on long-term projects that pursue stories about the underrepresented area of the Caribbean. Being from a country that is culturally Latin American, but politically American, has shaped my interest as a documentary photographer to explore the topics of community and identity. 

My work has appeared in The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and the Center of Investigative Journalism of Puerto Rico, among others.

I am available for assignments.

Photography is a dialogue.
I choose the subtle moments because it is there – in the quietness of time – where a story is also told.

Awards & Recognitions

2016  New York Times Portfolio Review, Selected Participant

2014  Eddie Adams Workshop XXVII, Student

2013  Photographer of the Year, Association of Puerto Rican Photojournalists

2013  Felix Cordero Award and Jack Delano Award [Honorable Mention],
          Association of Puerto Rican Photojournalists

2013  New York Times Portfolio Review, Selected Participant

2012  67th College Photographer of the Year | Portrait Category, Silver

2012  NPPA Aug-Oct Student Clip Contest News Category, Third Place

2010  65th College Photographer of the Year | Portrait Category, Award of Excellence

Photo by Ellis Omar Williams